Velvet Magic

by Devil's Witches

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released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved



Devil's Witches UK

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Track Name: Apache Snow
Standing on the top of the mountain
I bet you feel totally far out now
High on blood and napalm smoke
The Indians have all gone
And there's no sign of snow

Store bought flag and a virgin flak
Tranquillisers and a canteen flask
Heroin and Koon Sa smoke
Light up the village and grab a coke

Morphine, comic books and bayonets
And my girlfriends stockings tied around my neck
VC thumb and some M & Ms
Concrete drop you're fucking shot in the head

Lying in the blood of the fallen
I bet you feel really groovy now
Track Name: Motorpsycho
White powder dreams
Wrapped in stars and stripes
Outlaws and Queens
Bathed in neon lights

When you said we blew it
I didn't understand what you meant
Riding fast has got me through it
Until that day of judgement

Acid and whores
Void of revelation
Doors lead to doors
Not to our salvation
Track Name: Black Cauldron
World's cold and you're coming with me back home
Shooting drugs and you never learned at all
Crystal visions informing my black cauldron
Fucking pains all around me when I look out
Look into your eyes and I can hear the silence shout
Read my palm it says we're getting out

Give me the sign of the open eye
I am numb with the lonely lust
Goat of thy flock i'm gold , i'm god
Flesh to thy bone, flower to thy rod

Guns shot by your hands making bodies cold
My lai massacre only 9 years old
Just a victim of the war you sold
Come close see my body alive with flame
Promises you will never kill again
Come gaze into my black cauldron
Track Name: Voodoo Woman
I'm entranced by a voodoo woman
Is she animal or is she human?

I want to eat this place
Feel it inside of me
Moving inside my veins
Skin and fingers electricity

Bones and tongues
Adorn her strawberry ice cream skin
Incense stencher and eyes like jungle green

I'll swallow this whole country
The VC, death and land
I'm glowing in the dark
I know exactly who I am
Track Name: Mountain of the Devil's Witch
I just cant shake my soul
This forest in my eyes
Put the tarot away
And look up to the stars

Chevrolet and sun
Your cruising with your cat eyes on
Catch a little fun sipping 33 just like Saigon
Polaroids and guns
Posing with American sons
Distant memories, divinating me, now i'm home and free

The fire is hot and white
Your body open glowing
I recline into your arms
And drink of your milk

Flesh is bloody ruby glow
Noble passion sun soaked soul
Swift aslant on Eden soil
Disobedience key to joy

Thrill with lissome lust of light
Come careering out the night
Devil or god to me to me
Body and brain come over the sea
Track Name: Velvet Magic
Black forest, leading me, calling
"lay down in pastures of fur".
Your arms protect me from falling
Pushing my kiss into her
My tongue receives this communion
Baptised in your sacred oil
Kissing the door to the future
The conjuration of joy

My love, my dove gold is your favourite colour
My heart is black so we are perfect together
Arise my love well wander into the stars
My love my dove I want to know who you are

Come slowly, Eden is waiting
My lips are tasting their fill
Descending, giving and taking
Your body's lost in the thrill
Connecting astral messiah
Feminine saviour divine
Release my soul in the fire
Consuming this flesh of mine

Your hands are dripping with star dust
The universe in your palm
Tracing the path of my life line
All roads lead to Vietnam
Holding the galaxy gently
You press your face into mine
Enclose your forest around me
Your velvet magic sublime
Track Name: Requiem pour un Vampire
Cheveux comme nuit
Peau comme la neige
Les frisson des vampire
Captive moi

Belle fille nue
Prendre ma vie
Je suis votre

Levres de sang
Les yeux comme un felin
L'obscurite l'entoure
Elle velours magique

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